Dressing table

Product code: BP007-GD3

  • Material:

    - The top is made from moisture resistant MDF, covered with anti-bacteria Laminate of Japan Aica - K6000KN, using virutech so the Laminate surface is coated with Silver Nano which has anti-bacteria function, protect the user.
    - The body is made from moisture resistant MDF, covered with melamine that has same color as Laminate. This makes high aesthetics when the product has homogenous color. It also has other features such as: impact-resistant, waterproof, high durable, color retention and scratch-resistant...
    - The edge is banded with ABS that is environmentally friendly.
    - Optional colors: AS-13000CN74, AS-13025CN74, AS-13006-CN74
    - Silver-plated mirror, 464x357x5mm

  • Size:

    Dimension: 486mmx510mmx1166mm

  • Color

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