Anti-bacteria classroom table

製品コード: BHS003-GMA3

  • 素材:

    - The top is made from moisture resistant MDF, covered with anti-bacteria Laminate of Japan Aica - K6000KN, using virutech so the Laminate surface is coated with Silver Nano which has anti-bacteria function, protect the user.
    - The body is made from moisture resistant MDF - 105SH, covered with melamine that has same color as Laminate. This makes high aesthetics when the product has homogenous color. It also has other features such as: impact-resistant, waterproof, high durable, color retention and scratch-resistant...
    - The edge is banded with ABS that is environmentally friendly.
    - Optional colors: AS-13000CN74, AS-13025CN74, AS-13006-CN74

  • サイズ:

    Dimension: 1200mmx550mmx950mm

  • 白い - ジャガー家具生産工場