Anti-bacteria laminate classroom table

Product code: BHS0010-IM5

  • Material:

    - The top is made from moisture resistant MDF, covered with anti-bacteria Laminate of Japan Aica, using virutech so the Laminate surface is coated with Silver Nano which has anti-bacteria function, protect the user. It also has other features such as: impact-resistant, waterproof, high durable, color retention and scratch-resistant...There is plastic pen tray on the surface.
    - The all edges are round-curved, safety for the users.
    - There is wooden mix powder coating iron drawer in the chassis
    - Optional colors: AS-14097CS16,AS-14131CS16
    - Adjustable leg, material is stainless steel mix steel with powder coating
    - The colors of leg: matte black, grey, dark grey...

  • Size:

    Dimension: 700mmx500mmx750mm

  • Color

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