Work desk

Product code: BLV003-SD4

  • Size:

    Dimension: 1400mmx700mmx750mm

  • Color

Product information

- The top is made from plywood, Glue E1, covered with Veltouch Laminate of Japan Aica so the surface is super smooth that helps the table surface to slip, good heat resistance, extremely high strength, eliminates light reflection, does not cause glare to ensure high aesthetics and safety for the user. It also has moisture resistant, scratch resistant and color retention.
- There is an electric box inside.
- The edge is banded with ABS which is environmentally friendly.
- Optional colors: Vetouch-VAS13702K, VAS13700K- milky white, VAS13701K-grey
- The leg is steel 2mm with powder coating. Optional colors: black, grey, dark grey
- The opening pin has a magnet at the top to ensure that the slide plate position is not changed