At Jager, most of our inspiration comes from technology.

Previously, when designing furniture on AutoCAD 2D, It took one more step to draw technically sketch details such as hole position, hinge drill position, groove sharing.

Now, at Jager, with IMOS software, all of the design 3D furniture and will automatically display according to the design drawings.

When you want to edit the size, the details will also change automatically. When the design is complete, IMOS will automatically program the machine to run without any additional operations also employee side effects.

Previously, without software, you would take 5-6 days to produce a kitchen cabinet. Now, with the IMOS software, 2 days is the time from order to delivery.

Besides technological elements, Jager's inspired world also comes from high-quality materials.

Special raw materials require high manufacturing technology, imported directly from G7 countries, using basiclly E1 wooden standard or higher to ensure low levels of Formaldehyde emissions without impact to users health.

These include typical products such as: J-handle made of PP film or laminate cover, Large-sized plank (1800x3600mm), Compact sheet material, fire-proof Cerarl sheet, Laminated-shaped chair with shaped profile.

Understanding the problem of reducing time and resources while ensuring the quality of the product, IMOS was born to increase the ability to perfect the quality, the ratio of 1: 1 compared to the design.

In addition, the design consulting company will be able to compete with other competitors in the industry because it is possible to show the Jager image to the investor, increasing investor confidence “here, your product which will be fabricated at this large scale factory ”.