At Jager, most of our inspiration comes from technology also high-quality material.

Previously, when designing furniture on AutoCAD 2D, It took one more step to draw technically sketch details such as hole position, hinge drill position, groove sharing.

Now, at Jager, with IMOS software, all of the design 3D furniture and will automatically display according to the design drawings.

When you want to edit the size, the details will also change automatically. When the design is complete, IMOS will automatically program the machine to run without any additional operations also employee side effects.

Previously, without software, you would take 5-6 days to produce a kitchen cabinet. Now, with the IMOS software, 2 days is the time from order to delivery.

Goodbye with difination of  "Delay" by Jager's style.

JAGER relies on advanced design software platform, ERP – the lastest management system, changes interior procurement behavior by creating a transparent, easy-to-control process, freeing people from the skeptic.

At the same time, automation technology will eliminate intermediaries that cause waste and errors that may arise. From there, we create a commitment to ensure the progress of the project, delivery on schedule with the project agreed betxween the two parties.

All requests from the Investors after being transferred to the sales department will be digitized and posted to the software using cloud computing. From here, all the process of importing materials, making designs, technical drawings and manufacturing construction will be done automatically. Since then, Jager created a process to manage project progress remotely, cutting most of the costs incurred as well as ensuring project progress accurately.

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