Match values ​​of quality standards and reasonable prices.

To solve the price problem, Jager understands that high accuracy in both process and production time is a deciding factor.

Therefore, Jager has embarked on cooperation, bringing German production technology 4.0 to Vietnam. This technology allows us to guarantee a high level of precision in the manufacturing process.

In addition, all materials are directly imported by Jager from G7 countries, appraised according to Japanese standards. Instead of going into the familiar path like many competitors, Jager's materials are imported directly from Japanese partners (AICA). As such, we can cut out intermediaries to offer the best production costs without compromising on quality.

With these two factors, Jager almost completely eliminates intermediate steps as well as errors in project progress. Therefore, we create and fulfill our delivery commitments accurately, ensuring the business efficiency of our partners.

Jager creates ecosystems that are not only diverse in product types but also in the distribution market.

We are trying with the ambition to never say no with whatever furniture you need. Jager products always ensure a variety of designs, styles, and types of uses (indoor - outdoor, office - house ...).

In addition, Human Care is one of the top factors guaranteed with Jager furniture. We not only strive to research and produce quality products, but also ensure the safety of users, promote human health and environmental friendliness.

Jager's distribution market not only stops in Vietnam but also expanded in developed countries around the world such as the US, Japan ... This is an assessment, a most realistic comment on the quality of production. Our products: Pleasing every guest even in the most demanding markets in the world.

Flexible on time.

Besides the products that are made to order, with a large inventory, we always have a supply of goods for urgent cases of customers.

Brand replication with Jager.

Understanding the importance of brand building and promotion, we are not only a collaborator but also a partner to make your brand socialize.

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